Oversized Fashion Tips for Ladies, Exclusively from Hoodies Galore

Oversized Fashion Tips for Ladies, Exclusively from Hoodies Galore

With your silhouette and penchant for all things big and comfy, choosing oversized fashion as your go-to style is a no-brainer.

Only, you don’t really know where to start.

Wearing your boyfriend’s large hoodie while lounging about at home is one thing; turning that oversized piece of clothing into a fashionable ensemble is another ball game altogether.

Don’t fret though. With some help from Hoodies Galore, we’ll have you looking on-point and beautiful, and a lot more comfortable!

Tips on Oversized Fashion You Need to Know

- Don’t Oversize Too Much

 Don’t Oversize Too MuchThe trick here is to go 2–3 sizes over, not more. Extra large clothing does sometimes give you the desired effect, but keep in mind that it’ll be extra baggy to boot too. And for the curvaceous ladies among us, too baggy is bad news. You want to look comfy and cozy, and not like you’re practically drowning in the extra fabric.

- Add a Little Detail

A slim belt to cinch that hourglass waist or a long necklace to draw the eye down—these are just some little details you can add to your oversized look. With plain, big, baggy clothes, the key is to add subtle trims and details, instead of bombarding the look with chunky bulk, like thick necklaces, big bracelets, and large earrings. Add a Little Detail

- Be Daring

In other words, show some skin! Larger sized clothing tends to cover more skin than necessary, and that can make you look drab and boxy. Turning a large hoodie into a dress with some see-through tights, or just wearing an oversized sweater as a dress with boots will work well in showing off your curves.

- Balance it Out

The thing about oversized clothing is that it can look shapeless and bag-like if you don’t add some structure around it. Wearing short skirts or shorts with the top fitted in a French tuck will not only give it a semblance of structure, it’ll look uber-stylish too!

- Be Careful with Textures and Patterns

 Be Careful with Textures and PatternsWith textured oversized clothes, there’s already structure and design that’s going to catch the eye so you don’t want to overdo that. The right trick would be to pair it with a top or a bottom that’s equally as simple otherwise the onslaught of designs will only add unnecessary bulk to your overall shape.

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