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Hoodies and the Era of the Casual Workplace

Hoodies and the Era of the Casual Workplace

Think workplace attire, and your mind immediately goes back to the world of Mad Men; three-piece suit wearing hypermasculine men who marched on the path to glory, crushing anyone who got in their way!

Okay, so we might be over-egging this a bit. But it’s along the lines of what was expected from formal office wear even just a decade back. The style of clothing was supposed to embody a masculine, sober, elegant style that would exude a sense of strength and power for all those who wore it.

However, with all the machismo and power, there was another quality that this style of clothing gained; bland boredom.

Yep, with so little to work with in terms of color and style, designers were stuck circling the same three-piece suit that our granddads wore during the 50s.

But all that changed when casual clothing, specifically hoodies, entered the formal fashion scene.

Fashion in the Casual Workplace

While we won’t go into a comprehensive progression of formal work fashion to business casual, what we will give you is the why of it all. In the past, companies followed a more process-oriented method, and enforced a strict style to match.

However, over time, workplace fashion evolved into business casual because companies have become result-oriented. They don’t care how the results are achieved, as long as they’re provided with what they want.

And regarding how hoodies came into the picture; all you have to do is turn to some of the most well-known entrepreneurs and businessmen of our generation (especially in creative fields) for the answer.

Casual fashion — hoodies in particular — became more popular for casual wear during the 80s and 90s. Originally meant to be worn by athletes to keep them dry during sweaty workouts, hoodies starting gaining a lot more popularity as clothing for casual wear, something people could don on their days off.

Comfortable and stylish, hoodies were favorites amongst those who’d usually spend days working on their ideas and formulas.

As time went on, hoodies in the workplace started becoming more common, as seen today.

Want to Follow the Fashion Rules and Wear a Hoodie?

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