Hoodies and Prints Galore! A His-And-Hers Guide – Hoodies Galore
Hoodies and Prints Galore! A His-And-Hers Guide

Hoodies and Prints Galore! A His-And-Hers Guide

They’re the Yin to your Yang, the salt to your pepper and the sugar to your spice. And it’s high time you both started dressing like it!

Not to say that you two should wear matching outfits. But when it comes to coordinating your fashion with your S.O.’s, there has to be some balance there.

With some tips from Hoodies Galore, you’ll have no trouble syncing with your partner in perfect fashion harmony!

Fashion Tips for Couples

Forget the “Uncool Factor”

Coordinating your style as a couple is no longer a corny thing to do. In fact, it’s adorable. But only if you do it right. Even with couples’ outfits, you have to follow basic fashion sense. Color coordination, light vs. dark, frills vs. no frills. It’s only when you’re both wearing some variation of the same outfit that you should stop, because you’ve gone too far! Forget the “Uncool Factor”

It’s all in the Details

Of course, you can’t have coordinated outfit all the time. But subtle details can make a huge difference, like a hoodie that has the same colors as your dress or the other way around, a handbag that matches the color of their shoes. Minimal coordination can go a long way!

Know Your Levels

For you, casual dressing is a pair of dark skinny jeans, comfy heels and a dressy top. For your partner though, casual might mean just jeans, slippers and a plain white t-shirt. Clearly, you’re both on different levels when it comes to fashion. For any occasion, try to pick out your clothes beforehand so you or your partner doesn’t end up looking out-of-place.

Learn Patterns

Unless you’re both going on a Safari, cheetah print and camo do not mix! In similar fashion, other patterns might not gel well together, like different styles of stripes all put together. You don’t want to overdo your style, so balance things out by choosing softer patterns and shades. If they’re wearing a striped top, wear a solid color outfit so the look doesn’t clash. Learn Patterns

Be Cute Once in a While

Contrasting patterns, designs or colors can look really cute if you know what to wear. For example, if you browse through the selection at Hoodies Galore, you’ll find plenty of couples t-shirts and tank tops that are cute but reasonable in design. These styles will ensure that your look doesn’t come off as too cheesy.

Start Shopping!

Hoodies Galore offers a huge selection of cool graphic hoodies, shoes, and more. Mix-and-match and use your creativity, and buy some outfits that’ll make you two fit perfectly like a puzzle!

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