A Brief History of The Hoodie

A Brief History of The Hoodie

Hoodies are a staple wardrobe item for millions of people globally. They’re fashionable and offer optimal comfort to people. They are also dynamic in nature and can be worn anywhere if they are tailored perfectly and layered with other clothing items. Nowadays, they are available in a wide array of colors and designs. Some modern types of hoodies include 3-D printed hoodies and graphic hoodies.
The hoodie in your closet may be your style icon and statement piece, but have you ever wondered where it came from? How did it come to be the popular clothing item it is today?

Below we will offer a short history of the hoodie:

Prehistoric times and the first hoodies

The invention of “hooded” garments can be dated back to Medieval Europe. They were widely worn by monks and were gradually introduced in England during the 12th Century. The term “hood” originated from the common word “hat.” An American company called Champion is considered to be the one that founded hoodies during the 1930s. During earlier times, hoods were attached to sweatshirts for warmth during winter season.

The 1970s saw an increase in the demand and manufacturing of hoodies with the rise of hip-hop trends in the culturally emerging New York City. During that time, graffiti writers wore the hoodie to maintain a low-key profile, and street-dancers used it as a means to keep warm before starting their dance routines. Eric Felisbret was a popular graffiti writer of that time, and he stated that the hoodie hit its peak during 1974-75.

Modern times

Over the years, reputable fashion designers like Tommy Hilfiger and others, found style inspiration from the streets of New York. The hoodie is now worn by countless high school kids, children, adults, and even celebrities. Though some may view it stereotypically and associate a rebellious connotation with it, it is still worn by countless alike. With the wide range of hoodies available today, people incorporate them into their personal styles as they see fit.Modern times

 Modern trends have also encouraged people to wear more fitted hoodies that go well with their body shape. They have also started to be paired up with other clothing items, and layering them with coats or jackets has started to be seen as particularly fashionable. Celebrities have started to endorse hoodies as well, and many who look up to them as fashion icons follow their lead.

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